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We connect your “middle-of-nowhere”

We’re Field Solutions Group, Australia’s leading, rural, regional, and remote challenger telecommunications carrier and we connect your “middle-of-nowhere”. We are the largest telco in Australia dedicated to delivering connectivity to rural, regional, and remote communities where other telcos simply do not.

We started 7 years ago, by building a proof-of-concept network around Moree NSW, to deliver true broadband to the area, and with the support of communities, local and state governments, and our own co-investment, we’ve grown that network to cover over 81,000 sqkm of rural Australia.

Up until now, we’ve delivered true broadband, symmetric, resilient business grade data, to homes, businesses, farms, local government, and large enterprises, and we build solutions that connect every part of a property. So, we don’t just stop at the farm gate, we build through the farm from homestead to shed, and water trough, to moisture sensor, so our customers are always connected, with data and voice.

Since 2014, the Federal government has been funding the 3 Australian Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to remediate the “black spots” throughout the Australian Mobile network and yet, thousands of kilometres of vital roads, and thousands of households still are outside of coverage areas.

In 2020, Field Solutions became the 4th and only other carrier to be awarded funding under the Mobile Blackspot program. This marks a very important milestone in the history of Field Solutions and rural connectivity in Australia.

Earlier today, July 21, 2021, Field Solutions is very proud to announce that it has been awarded 7.6M under the Mobile Black Spot in support of 3 strategically significant projects.

Project #1 – 15 new towers across NSW, WA and QLD with Optus by our side – just another way that we’re leveraging our collective dollar to deliver more to more communities. No duplication, no overbuild, just more coverage, collaboration and asset sharing.

Project #2 – Australia’s First Neutral Host Operator
Seven of those new towers will showcase FSG’s neutral host concept. We’re building and operating them, but any telco can put their equipment next to ours. Further, the Neutral Host trials will demonstrate that there is an easier and cost-effective means for all MNOs to minimise their equipment costs to deliver coverage. We’re saying to people and the communities in the bush “drive past one of our towers, no matter who your provider is, you’ll have coverage.”

Project #3 – T4 –Australia’s 4th Mobile Network Operator Roaming with Optus
Field Solutions’ own Mobile Network will of course operate alongside the other Mobile Operators on the infrastructure we build and as an additional way of promoting broader coverage, we will be trialling roaming with our partner Optus. That means that anyone with an Optus service will seamlessly be able to use the Field Solutions Mobile Network. Just another way to provide consumers more coverage, in more of Australia, without it costing more. In time, we intend to invite other telcos to do the same.

Each of these projects will drive the same objectives:

  • Provide broader, better quality coverage to more of Australia
  • Make Australian roads safer for tourists and commercial traffic
  • Provide consumers with more choice, wherever they are located
  • Provide digital equity for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia and
  • Eliminate wasteful duplication of infrastructure

This is just the start of the journey, we will be posting updates on the progress of these building projects and trials as they progress. 

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