Your Virtual nbn™ WBA

Field Solutions uniquely give you the Field VWBA® - a virtual wholesale broadband agreement that give you access to every product available from nbn™.

When you become a Field Solutions wholesaler, it’s as if you had your very own WBA without any of the pain and cost.

You can sell just about EVERY product available from the nbn™ network. That means business nbn™ Satellite Service (BSS), Enterprise Ethernet (EE), TC1, TC2 and TC4, Bundles, Sky Muster™ and Sky Muster™ Plus and whatever comes next.

We’ll give you competitive pricing, a customer portal that empowers your business, premium services and 360 network management options but most importantly we will partner with you to create the products your customers need, so you can remain unique and focus on what you do best.

Our Clients include

Field Solutions Group (FSG/ASX)