Field Solutions specialises in innovative connectivity solutions for business which include internet access, private networks, enterprise voice solutions and managed services.

Field Solutions works closely with local, state and federal government to ensure that our solutions are optimally designed to address the needs and goals of each region.

We are present on government procurement panels in NSW, QLD, and WA and have been successful in winning several projects in 2019/2020 including Mobile Blackspot 5, Queensland Building Our Region 4 and 5, Cross Border NSW and many more.

Central to our solutions is our ability to combine and connect technologies across our network to ensure the business solution you get is robust, reliable and delivers true broadband.

We operate an Australia Wide, carrier grade network and an access network which can deliver symmetrical, enterprise grade internet to your office, farm or mine.

In our experience, the best solutions combine the most appropriate technologies and wherever possible, existing assets and infrastructure to ensure you get the best technical solution at the right price.

For that reason, we design our solution to use  the carriers that will deliver the right capacity and technology, and interweave their products into the fabric of our network to ensure quality and capacity is managed.

Most important, you receive one solution from one provider, with 100% Australian based support.

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Field Solutions delivers true broadband connectivity where others cannot

Have a tricky requirement? Has everyone else told you it can't be done or will cost you too much? Contact us today, we have a solution that WILL work for you.

Our Clients include

Field Solutions Group (FSG/ASX)